Cat Adoption Considerations

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In continued celebration of adopt a cat month, I thought I would note how important it is to make sure a cat is right for you. Many people will adopt a cat (or dog for that matter) on a whim only to ultimately, relinquish the animal to a local shelter. There are a number of reasons why a person would not be able to keep an adopted cat.

I would suggest considering all the implications of cat adoption prior to actually “pulling the trigger”. I would also think about what type of cat would be best for a given situation. That is, a timid cat would probably not be the best choice in a bustling, noisy home with small children. And, although giving a cat as a gift is a very nice gesture, it may not be right for the individual receiving it.

It is also important to make sure that your cat’s new home is a cat friendly one. That is, a home where all the things necessary to “be a cat” are provided. Food, water and litter are just the beginning. They also need outlets for their normal instinctual behaviors. A private area to rest or hide, perches and toys that stimulate hunting behavior all help our feline companions feel comfortable in their home. When these things are absent, stress and anxiety are often the result leading to unwanted behaviors that could land an unhappy cat back in the shelter.

I came across the following article recently and I think it is a good resource for those considering adopting a cat. I would encourage any prospective adopter to read it and take all of its points into consideration prior to bringing a kitty home: 5 Reasons Cats Are Given Up for Adoption and How to Avoid These Problems

Good luck in your search and I look forward to seeing your new baby in the near future.

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