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Dr. David A. Cloutier


Dr. David Cloutier has been a veterinarian at Veazie Veterinary Clinic since 1992 and he became an owner in 1994. He graduated from the University of Maine undergraduate program and Tufts Veterinary School. He passionately believes in providing the best possible experience for both clients and their pets.

Dr. Cloutier’s passion for excellence, compassion for animals, and empathy for their owners are well known amongst pet owners. His vision and leadership have created a staff culture of kindness and service that can be felt when you walk through the door.

His professional interests include surgery, particularly orthopedic and thoracic, cardiology, and rehabilitation. He is often called the “dog whisperer” because of his ability to work with fearful and aggressive dogs. Dr. Cloutier believes that before treatment can begin he must first understand owners’ concerns, perform a thorough evaluation, and make an accurate diagnosis.

He is a graduate of the University of Maine pre-veterinary program and Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine where he received two prestigious awards for his clinical skills. He is a lifelong learner, frequently attending continuing education seminars, and an avid reader on the subjects of leadership and compassion.

Dr. Cloutier has appeared on over five hundred episodes of Pet Connection on Channel 7 and can now be heard on WVOM-FM radio bringing information to pet owners. He believes in giving back to the community; he serves on the Bangor Humane Society’s board and participated with other area vets to help create the emergency clinic and currently serves on the board. He lives in Orono with his wife, Janet, a Labrador Retriever, Tuukka, and a Maine Coon Cat, Zdano (lovingly called Meow).

Dr. Julie C. Keene


Dr. Julie Keene graduated from Smith College with her BA, then attended Cornell University to earn her MS, DVM, and Ph.D. After graduating, she worked as a small animal and exotics veterinarian in central New Hampshire for 4 years before joining the Veazie Veterinary Clinic in 2006.

In addition to being an excellent general practitioner, Dr. Keene is the team leader for the Canine Reproduction group. She has been providing clients with breeding management counseling and reproductive services since 2007. She regularly attends continuing education programs in reproduction.

“I enjoy canine reproduction services for many reasons, but the first that comes to mind is the joy of bringing healthy puppies into the world! I find the technical aspects of ensuring conception to be challenging and fun, and preparing frozen semen is simply amazing. But the most exciting is when the team unites during a caesarian section. As the surgeon, I love hearing the first squeals of the newborns, and seeing the line of staff ready to receive the next puppy as it emerges. The entire hospital comes together at those times, and we feel honored to be able to be part of bringing that litter into the world.”

Dr. Keene is also the team leader of our oncology services and has been providing clients with counseling in cancer management, chemotherapy and hospice care since 2008.

“My work with cancer management and hospice care gives me the opportunity to help make the final period of a beloved pet’s life as comfortable and happy as possible. This is a difficult time for any pet guardian, and I strive to help the family with their grief, and to help them to understand the complex medical issues in order to make the best decisions for themselves and for their beloved companions. The primary goal of chemotherapy and adjunct cancer management strategies is to improve the patient’s quality of life, and our team provides care with compassion to achieve this goal.”

Veazie Vet also added many endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures to our clinic services and Dr. Keene has been at the forefront in utilizing this equipment. We are now able to offer upper and lower GI scopes (colonoscopy), otoscopy (ears), vaginoscopy (urinary and reproductive), rhinoscopy (nose) and more using her training and interest in this unique equipment.

At home, Dr. Keene loves spending time with her husband Chris, her son Ian, and her Pembroke welsh corgi, Tristan. She enjoys organic gardening, hiking, camping, canoeing, birding, reading, and needlepoint.

Dr. Michael C. McCaw


Dr. McCaw graduated from the University of Maine with a BS in 1989, and from the University of Minnesota with a DVM in 1993. He then completed a year long internship at The Oradell Animal Hospital in New Jersey. From 1993 to 2004 he worked in small animal practice in NYC in the West Village. He has been working at the Veazie Vet Clinic since June of 2005.

Dr. McCaw particularly enjoys working with feline patients and is the head feline advocate for our hospital. He feels they are amazing and often misunderstood creatures. He tries to make every visit for our kitty friends as relaxing and as enjoyable as possible. He says “They aren’t ‘small dogs’ and I don’t treat them that way. They receive nothing but my deepest compassion, respect and understanding.”

Dr. McCaw has a significant interest in abdominal ultrasound, and has been performing ultrasounds since 2006, growing very comfortable with this piece of equipment. He finds it very rewarding to be able to provide valuable information regarding a patient’s health in a non-invasive way. He feels it is truly an incredible diagnostic tool, and is glad we offer it at our practice.

In his spare time, Dr. McCaw likes spending his spare time relaxing at camp with his wife, Marie, and their many feline children: Mabel, Martin, Odin, Remy, and Rocco.

Dr. Laura M. Tardiff


Dr. Laura M. Tardiff is the newest veterinarian at Veazie Vet. She has lived in the Bangor/Orono area her whole life, graduating from Orono High School in 2006. She attended The University of New England and received her bachelors degree in Medical Biology in 2010. She then attended veterinary school at Michigan State University and received her DVM in 2014. At her graduation from MSU, Laura received two awards; one for Internal Medicine and the other for being the most caring female student nominated by her fellow classmates.

Dr. Tardiff may appear familiar to you as she worked here at Veazie Vet for several years as an assistant. She has always had the passion and desire to become a veterinarian and to work here at the Veazie Veterinary Clinic. As a new veterinarian she is interested in many different aspects and still enjoys learning more about her patients’ well-being. Laura has really enjoyed her surgical experiences so far and is looking forward to learning more about different surgeries and procedures. She is very excited to see a variety of cases and increase her passion for veterinary medicine.

Outside of work, Laura lives with her husband Michael, and her dog, Flo. She enjoys being back in her hometown area and being so close to her family and new nieces and nephews. She loves being outdoors, especially kayaking and hiking. Some of her other hobbies include spending time with her pets, canine agility, reading, movies and good food.

Dr. Brown

Dr. Emily Brown


Dr. Brown graduated with her DVM from Oregon State University and joined our practice in June 2022. She is a staunch feline advocate and proud member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). As a veterinarian, her professional interests in the field include surgery, regenerative medicine, and of course, cats! In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, sailing, and spending time with her 3 feline family members.

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