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Although we are not an emergency clinic, we do accept emergency cases during our normal office hours. We strive to provide the most updated emergency medical care possible in a caring and compassionate environment.

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Mon–Fri: 7:00am–6:00pm

We have a special location in the hospital where critical intensive care & trauma patients can be the center of attention. It is connected to the main treatment area for close monitoring and care. Families are encouraged to visit.

Critical care patients are placed in kennels that are in full view of our treatment area. We have an ICU area that has a technician specifically assigned to take care if all patients admitted to the clinic. We also have a separate recovery area that can also be used as a critical patient space if needed. Both areas are located in our central treatment area and are under constant supervision.

Our technicians are trained in critical care and monitoring. A watchful eye is more than just good medicine. It is the loving care and support our staff gives pets that helps them recover, too. We also encourage owners to come and visit pets to lift their spirits and put your mind at ease.

A common set up for patients in the ICU includes a warm water heating pad, and blankets to make the kennel as comfortable as possible. In cases where fluids are being given there is an infusion pump to deliver them at a set rate. Other equipment or medical care is available as needed. The ICU can be used for a variety of cases from an emergency that needs close observation to a patient who is recovering from anesthesia that requires specialized care.

After-Hour Emergencies & Referrals

We have an after-hours triage service staffed by veterinary professionals that can answer questions and offer recommendations. If your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian when we are closed the Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic is in nearby Brewer. They are open most nights, some holidays and all weekend. They can be reached at 207-989-6267.

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