CT Scan for Dogs and Cats
in Bangor, ME

Veazie Veterinary Clinic’s Vimago CT scan machine provides an additional layer of information to help us diagnose a multitude of conditions in pets. Only one other practice in the state of Maine has this capability.

A physical examination, bloodwork, and even X-rays together may not always be enough to make a definitive diagnosis and pursue appropriate treatment. With CT scan for dogs and cats, our veterinarians in Bangor, ME can get a deeper look at certain organ systems and develop a more complete picture of your pet’s health.

How Dog/Cat CT Scan Works

All CT scan procedures are performed with the patient under full anesthesia. Therefore, you can be assured that the procedure will be completely painless and stress-free for your pet.

CT scan uses X-rays to create image “slices,” which are then pieced together using a computer to produce a 3D image of your pet’s body. CT scans provide an extraordinary level of detail not seen with radiographs or ultrasounds, allowing us to diagnose issues with greater accuracy.

Dog and cat CT scan procedures can provide our team with an excellent visual of areas including the skull, spine, abdominal organs, and the joints. We can also use our CT scan machine for dental evaluations and contrast studies to check for issues related to the kidneys.

An added benefit of this tool is that it allows our veterinary team to submit your pet’s CT images to a boarded veterinary radiologist. This ensures an expert opinion, which can give us even more valuable information about your pet’s health and any existing conditions they have.

ct scan procedure

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