Root Canals at Veazie Veterinary Clinic

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Did you know we can save broken teeth in dogs? Dr. Cloutier has advanced dental training and has been performing root canals and vital pulpotomies for several years.

Vital pulpotomies can be performed while it still has a blood supply and remains vital. This needs to be performed within 72 hours of a tooth being broken.

A root canal is done if the tooth has been fractured for longer than 2-3 days and is no longer vital. The pulp is removed from the root canal and the canal and crown are filled to prevent bacterial contamination.

The pictures below show the steps in performing a root canal on the lower left canine tooth of a dog. Patients are anesthetized during these procedures.

Ashley Laflamme, LVT

1: The canal is measured to find the working depth.
2. Files are used to clean the canal.

3. Zinc oxide eugenol paste is used to fill the canal.

4. “Gutta percha” is then inserted into the paste.

5. The canal is sealed

6. A Radiograph (x-ray) is taken to confirm there are no voids in the paste

7. The crown is filled with a composite

8. The tooth surface & composite are polished

9. The restored tooth is now preserved and ready for action!

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