Thanksgiving Means Tasty Turkey & Your Pets Know It

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The holidays are a time of year where spending time with friends, family, and eating lots of delicious meals are cherished among many. They are a time of hustle and bustle. We are busy preparing, decorating, and cooking, while our pets become caught up in the mayhem of the festivities. Sometimes, it is hard to keep track of where they are, and whether they are digging around in a spilled garbage bin scrounging for leftovers!

So, to keep you and your pets sane, and healthy, we have researched some tips to keeping your pets from feasting on your leftover mashed potatoes, or begging at your guests’ feet for a bite of turkey.

Here are a few tips from the ASPCA:

Tip #1: Turkey and Treats!

If you give your dog or cat a piece of turkey as a treat, be sure that it is fully cooked and boneless! Uncooked or under cooked turkey can contain salmonella bacteria.

Tip #2: Use a Kong

While your guests are busy feasting, your pets are likely watching with jealousy! Give them their own feast. Nylabone or Kong toys work great. You can even stuff a few pieces of turkey or vegetables inside the Kong toy. This will keep them chewing busily and will give you and your guests time to enjoy your meal.

Tip #3: Forget the bread dough

Raw bread dough can be dangerous to your pet. An animal’s body heat can cause the dough to rise in his stomach after ingestion. According to ASPCA professionals, your pet may experience vomiting, severe abdominal pain and bloating, which may require surgery!

Tip #4: Cut the cake!

Baking delicious cakes and desserts is customary holiday practice. But with all of the cooking going on at once, be sure not to let your dog or cat lick the bowl! Especially with raw eggs in the batter, salmonella bacteria could be a source of food poisoning.

Tip #5: Give them a treat!

A couple of boneless, cooked turkey pieces, a lick of mashed potatoes, or even a small taste of pumpkin pie are fine. Don’t let them overindulge. If allowed to eat too much, your pet could end up with stomach upset or diarrhea.

Treats are okay, but too much is never a good thing! Keep your pet on her normal diet during the holidays.

Tip #6: Don’t forget to exercise

Although this time of year is busy for all, don’t forget to let your pet get his or her exercise! After all, you don’t need extra energy leaping and bounding among your guests (although the excitement of your company may be overwhelming). Have your pet exert some energy beforehand!

Tip #7: Planning

If you are planning to leave for a few days over the holidays, don’t forget to plan for a dog or cat sitter. Whether you plan to board or have someone come over, make sure your pets are in the right hands. Everyone is busy this time of year, so planning is important! If you plan to take your dog or cat with you, make sure you pack enough food, water, litter, treats, and toys!

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