The Feline Experience

Feline Wellness is an area of Veazie Veterinary Clinic headed by Dr. Michael McCaw and a passionate team of cat enthusiasts. Dr. McCaw and his support staff provide specialty care exclusively for your cats and kittens. Veazie Veterinary Clinic has been a Gold Star Level Certified Cat Friendly Vet for over 10 years now!

We value our feline patients and recognize that they have different needs than their canine counterparts. The feline wellness portion of our website extends beyond solely cat-focused medicine. Here, you will find everything you ever need to know about health, wellness, nutrition and behavior for your feline friend.

The Feline Experience

Veazie Vet treats cats differently. We realize that the stress of the vet visit starts at home when the carrier comes out and can continue for hours or sometimes days after getting home. We want to change this.

Along with the information we have posted on how to make the carrier a more pleasant experience, our receptionists will offer to seat you in a cat friendly, quiet and sunny area. Our exam rooms are outfitted with calming pheromones and our technicians are trained in cat friendly holding techniques. We can even take payments in the rooms so that you can get back to your car without having to stop at reception again.

Cat Friendly Practice & The American Association of Feline Practitioners


We are certified as a Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Dr. McCaw is our lead cat advocate and continues to educate our staff and update our facilities with the latest in medicine, behavior and nutrition for cats. He is a member of the AAFP and a self proclaimed “crazy cat lady” in a guy suit.

Changes taking place throughout the practice include staff training, as well as waiting room, feline ward and exam room improvements, so that they meet cats’ needs for quiet areas with vertical space and perches, as well as improved handling and interaction in cat friendly exams. We continue to update and research the best surgical, anesthetic & pain management methods and an increased variety of feline diagnostics and life stage dependent care.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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