Your Guide to Finding a Vet You Trust

how to find a vet you trust in Bangor, ME
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Your Guide to Finding a Vet You Trust

Going to the vet can be nerve-wracking for both pets and pet owners alike. However, having a vet that you completely trust helps a lot with easing anxiety. Here we will be giving you a great guide to finding a vet that you trust.

Most people find their vet through recommendations from friends, family members, and other individuals that they trust. However, looking at a vet clinic’s reviews online and asking your vet some questions on your initial visit will also help you find a vet that you trust.

In this article, we will be explaining everything that pet owners need to know when looking for a great vet. Finding a vet that you trust does not need to be difficult or even time consuming when following these simple tips.

When is a Good Time to Find a Vet?

Preferably, it is always best to find a vet before you bring a new pet home. However, this is not always possible. If you already have your pet and have not found a vet that you trust yet, don’t worry! You can still find one. However, it is always best to be searching for a vet when your pet does not have any medical concerns, this way the situation isn’t very urgent and you have the time to do some searching.

What are Some Ways to Find a Good Vet?

There are many potential ways to find a good vet. Today, most people will find their vet online by looking at reviews and online recommendations. However, some people still find their vet through word of mouth as well.

5 Tips for Finding a Good Vet That You Trust

Here we will be providing you with our top five best tips for finding a vet that you trust. These include looking at reviews online, asking local pet owners and experts what they think about specific vet clinics, and compiling some questions to ask vet clinics over the phone. Of course, it never hurts to drop by a vet clinic in person and see what you think for yourself as well. Here are our 5 tips for finding a great vet that you can trust.

how to find a vet you trust in Bangor, ME

1. Look at Reviews Online

It is always a good idea to start your search for a vet with an online search. This is because many people will post reviews of vet clinics, allowing you to find the best vet that is also close to you.

When looking at these reviews, it is a good idea to look at both positive and negative ones. Reviews that are more middle of the road can be a great resource as well.

There are many reasons for this. Sometimes a few negative reviews are not a very big deal, as most businesses are prone to one or two bad experiences that hardly ever occur or are corrected. Look at the frequency of these reviews. Are they all saying the same thing? Are they about one vet at the clinic in particular? Answering these questions will help you discover the relevance of a review.

It is also a good idea to look at what date the reviews were made. Newer reviews always hold relevance over older ones, as business practices and employees can change over time.

2. Ask Local Pet Owners You Know What They Think

Asking local pet owners about what they think about a vet clinic can be very helpful as well. Bring it up in conversation when talking to people at dog parks, pet stores, grooming salons, and dog training facilities. They may just tell you something that a google search could not.

3. Ask Local Experts Their Thoughts on a Vet

Asking local experts like dog trainers, groomers, and other people that work with animals is another great way to find a great vet. This is because experts like these most likely have experience with numerous vet clinics, and they will be able to tell you where the best vet clinics and hospitals are.

4. Ask the Vet Clinic Some Questions Before Visiting

You can also call a vet clinic and ask them a few questions before committing to a visit. Here are a few questions that can be good to ask a vet clinic.

  • Are you accepting new clients?
  • Are you able to treat my pet’s condition or illness? (if applicable)
  • How busy is your clinic on an average day?
  • How far in advance will I usually need to call to get my pet an appointment?
  • Can I choose what vet we see on staff?
  • What are your hours?
  • Do you have an emergency or urgent care section of your clinic?

Asking these questions will ensure that you find a vet clinic that is trustworthy and fits your needs for convenience. Keep in mind that quality vets will often be very busy due to the number of pet owners that want to see them.

5. Go for a Visit and See What You Think for Yourself

Once you have done all of the above tips, the last thing to do is go and see the vet clinic for yourself. Even if your pet is not sick, you can go for a general check up to ask further questions. In addition, you will be able to experience the vet clinic firsthand.

If you are happy with your visit, then you found the right vet for you! If you were not happy or comfortable at the vet clinic, don’t worry. This is simply a sign that the vet clinic is not the right one for you. You can always check out some other local vet clinics and try again!


Finding a veterinarian you trust can take a bit of time and effort, so it’s best to do this before you’re having any urgent problems with your pet. There are lots of ways to learn about the veterinary clinics around you, so take some time to find which vet will be best for you and your pet!

If you are looking for a high-quality, professional veterinary hospital near Bangor, ME, contact Veazie Veterinary Clinic. Our team of expert veterinarians offer a wide variety of services for dogs and cats, including advanced medical services that you won’t find anywhere else in the area! Give us a call today at (207) 941-8840.

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